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Zoo Normal was created by hospitality veterans for the hospitality community. We've been hired dozens of times ourselves, and have hired hundreds of employees.

We know how to get hospitality employees hired, and we built Zoo Normal to do it quickly and in the right position for you.

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How Zoo Normal works


Companies apply to interview you

No need to send out your resume and cover letter to dozens - or hundreds - of companies.

We'll suggest your profile to employers in your area who are hiring for positions you're a good fit for, and they will send out an interview request.


Accept interview requests

You'll be able to see the job description and information about the company who sends you an interview request. If you like what you see, you can accept their interview request.


Streamlined interview process

Forget the phone tag and endless emails. Your interviews will be scheduled in your Zoo Normal dashboard, and you'll be able to see who you're interviewing with.


Background and reference checks

We'll take care of background and reference checks while you interview, which can get you hired up to two weeks faster.

Important note! Even though background checks are part of the hiring process, we are proud to work with employers who support second chance candidates. We always encourage candidates to sign up regardless of their background.


Receive + accept offer

One last step: accept the offer you like best. Our job here is done, but yours is about to begin!

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Nobody likes a long signup process - not you, not us. This shouldn't take longer than two minutes to complete.

Start by telling us where you've worked in the hospitality industry. If you've worked in hotels and food and beverage (restaurants, bars, breweries, etc.), select both options.

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How many years of hospitality experience do you have?

This is how many total years of hospitality experience you have, not consecutive years. For example: if you worked in hospitality for two years, took a break, and worked for three more years, that counts as five years.

Please select one option below.

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Which hospitality position(s) have you most recently held?

Let us know up to three positions. We require at least one, but the more information, the better.

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Full-time or part-time?

Let us know if you're looking for full-time or part-time positions. If you're open to either, select both options below.

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Where are you looking for work?

This is so we can match you with opportunities in the right location.

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What is some basic contact information?

Please fill in the details below so we can contact you. We won't contact you unless it is job-related.

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That's it!

That's all we need from you right now. We'll let you know when hospitality employers start hiring again, and what the next steps are with Zoo Normal.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Shoot us an email at and we'll get right back to you.

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