Hospitality staffing has
been a pain for too long

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List job posting

Pay to place job posting on multiple platforms: Indeed, Hcareers, Craigslist, etc.


Sift through resumes

Now that you've received dozens of resumes, your job is to find the few candidates that are relevant for the position.

Manually schedule interviews

Call candidates, leave messages, send out emails, and coordinate calendars with staff who will conduct interviews


Background check

After you've chosen a candidate to make an offer to, it's time for them to sign a consent form for a background check. This can take up to a week - sometimes longer if you need to perform additional county searches.

Reference check

After the background check goes through, it's time for reference checks. This can take up to a week as well.


Offer time

Congratulations! You've made it to the offer. Time to rest up before you do it again.

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Hospitality staffing with
Zoo Normal

Request to interview candidates

No more job postings! Let us know what positions you're hiring for and our AI technology will suggest relevant candidates from our pool of vetted hospitality professionals.


Candidates accept interviews

Candidates will see job descriptions and information on your company. If they think it's a good fit, they can accept the interview request.

Zoo Normal schedules interviews

Leave the interview coordinating to us. You'll be able to access interview details in your dashboard and sync everything to your calendar.


Zoo Normal handles background + reference checks

We'll take care of the background and reference checks during the interview process - this can speed up the hiring process by over two weeks.

Candidate accepts offer

Isn't hiring a lot easier when you don't have to post to multiple job boards, coordinate interviews, and handle background and reference checks? Let's do it again sometime.

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We're listening!

Zoo Normal was created to solve a critical need in the hospitality industry: time-to-hire is too long, employers don't have access to relevant candidates, and the process is too tedious.

These are real quotes from HR directors, hiring managers, and hotel managers we are working with. The photos, however, are not real.

If I receive 30 resumes, only three or four will be relevant enough to even look into any further.
Hiring manager
Independent hotel
It’s a huge hassle to call people, leave voicemails, and follow up with candidates just to schedule an interview.
Hiring manager
I schedule 10 interviews knowing that only three or four of them will show up.
Hotel manager
Boutique hotel
If you can speed up hiring so we can bring in a new hire before the current employee leaves, that would be hugely valuable.
HR Director
National brand
This could be you! The more we learn about your staffing pain points, the better we can help you hire. Feel free to reach out to us and we'll schedule a call.
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Diversity and inclusion

Whether you're building your team from the ground up or hiring here and there, Zoo Normal will help you build a more diverse, inclusive team.

Zoo Normal is designed to match candidates based on relevancy and fit, not specific backgrounds. In addition to it being the right thing to do, the numbers speak for themselves:

Higher cash flow
Diverse companies see 2.3x higher cash flow per employee.
Better performance
Racially and ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to perform better.
Increased revenues
Diverse management boosts revenues by 19%.
More profitable
Highly gender-diverse executive teams are 21% more likely to outperform on profitability.
More engaged
83% of millennials are actively engaged in their work at companies with inclusive work environments.
More innovative
Inclusive teams are 1.7x more innovative.
Two ways to hire with Zoo Normal
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Reference check included
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