Zoo Normal helps hospitality workers find jobs

Zoo Normal was created to help the millions of hospitality workers who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

If you have experience in hotels, restaurants, bars, food trucks, or breweries, Zoo Normal is here to help you get rehired.

Get hired in under two weeks

Hiring in the hospitality industry takes too long. Most positions take 4-6 weeks to fill, and executive positions can take 3-12 months.

By managing the hiring process end-to-end, Zoo Normal can reduce time-to-hire to under two weeks for most positions (and under six weeks for executives).

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Employers apply to candidates - not the other way around

No more sending off your resume to a hundred different companies. On Zoo Normal, companies reach out to you.

Employers request interviews with candidates whose experience and skills are a good fit for the position they are hiring for. If you like the sound of the job description and company, you can accept the interview request.

Get hired through Zoo Normal.

Any and all hospitality positions

No matter your position, if you're in the hospitality industry, we're here for you.

Valet? Check. Expo? Check. Front desk agent? Check. Line cook? Check. Controller, executive chef, director of sales, general manager? Check, check, check, check. You get the idea.

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A more inclusive hiring platform

Zoo Normal is reinventing hospitality staffing to be faster, easier, more reliable, and - just as importantly - more inclusive.

Diversity and inclusion are proven to result in higher revenue, better employee performance, and more innovation.

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Introducing a new normal to hospitality staffing

To borrow from a common hospitality industry term, hospitality staffing can be an absolute zoo. Zoo Normal was designed to make the hiring process faster, easier, more painless for both employers and candidates.